Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look What I Got

Hello everyone out there in Blog world.
What I have to share with you is an award handed to me from my team mate Sue Dean.
You may recieve such an award if you inspire anyone out there with less than 300 followers, and I was lucky enough to be given this opportunity.
If you are reading this I hope you have a few moments whilst I thank a few people.(Only joking)
O.k I have a few things I have to.

Acknowledge who I recieved this award from and that was Sue, so many thanks.
Link back to the person who awarded me - Done
Nominate 3 of my favourite blog sites with less that 300 followers. This will be the hard part, so give me a moment.

Juliette- is a fellow team mate which inspires me all the time and just love her work.
Di- Di does some lovely work and I feel she deserves the acknowledgement. Keep it up Di.
Sally- another team mate of ours and she has shown some lovely work, so check out her blog.

Thank you Sue again for allowing me to share with you all what we can do and stay tuned for more creations.

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